Sunday, October 20, 2013

Featured Artist: Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall-- Biography
A native of Central Florida and US Navy veteran, Stuart came to Chicago to participate in the text book publishing industry as a production artist. With the impending doom of being outsourced and automated, he set out on a course to reinvent himself in the vibrant world of Chicago art.
Hall is a mid-career curator that is nearing completion of his first body of work as an artist. His canvas is the urban landscape of Chicago and he plies his trade as a street artist beneath guise of fleurs de guerre. His studio practices include painting, sculpture and installation art. As a curator, Hall involves himself with upwards of 50 art shows and projects a year, and is currently curator and facilities liaison for the Chicago Loop Alliance's pop up art program.
fleurs de guerre-- Artist statement
fdg is an "army" of guerella artists engaged in the war on war. By mixing metaphors of flowers and weaponry, it is the mission of fdg to provide a constant reminder that our world remains in conflict and at war, and
require the public to realize the costs of those wars and conflicts. The preferred medium of fdg is mixed media on up-cycled corporate. Bombs are fabricated from toilette are tubes, hand grenades are manufactured from beer bottles and the base our street art campaign is paper bags generated by the fast food industry.
5% of proceeds are donated to the veteran's organization of choice-- Wounded Warrior, National Veteran's
Art Museum, Iraq Veteran's Against the War, USO or Navy Relief.

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