Monday, October 14, 2013

Featured Artist: Rachel Lechocki

Meet Catalyst of change Rachel Lechocki

Amies by Rachel Lechocki
Amies by Rachel Lechocki
Rachel Lechocki
I see everything around us as beauty and potential means for art making. Subconsciously, we construct and become our environments. Therefore, I feel our surroundings strongly have a prominent home in my art, as an agent of social/environmental change and often, most significantly, of self-expression and healing through the love affair between painting and sculpting with found objects.
Taking the ordinary, such as, an old cabinet, investigating it’s being and purpose, is of valuable inspiration to me. This cabinet then usually evolves into a new life, leading as a canvas for my artistic execution. The ‘old’ tends to animate the new and to me the blend of both worlds fabricates into obvious beauty. Having awareness of where we are in time and space while there, I believe, can eliminate waste, sadness and unattainable expectations. This idea is woven into my art through the utilization of objects deemed as, dead. I invigorate a rebirth to plastic bottle and caps, cardboard, leaves, dried roses/flowers, twigs, coffee grounds, buttons, old tires, vases, cds, records and anything I can get my interested hands on or donated to me!
Galvanized by assessments of the fundamentals of the natural world’s materials, I combine earthly elemental aspects with my expressive, almost abstract painting. The Earth’s minimalistic authenticity combined with my experimental pour painting conceives a moment in my time where I needed to express something from within to the outside, in hopes to inflict awareness for myself and others who interact with the art. In addition to our natural atmospheres, I am highly influenced by Cy Twombly and 20th century Abstract Expressionists and Pop artists.
I feel it is very brave to have a feeling and some type of canvas, anything, and pour out your feelings without a permanent plan in place. The paint will elegantly pour…where it falls is only up to the universe

Amies by Rachel Lechocki

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