Saturday, April 27, 2013

Featured Artist: Meredith Dytch (solo Show at Chicago Cultural Center)

Wilson Artists' Group (Kathleen Roman, Kate Tully, Patricia Larkin Green, Meredith Dytch, June Nichols, Margaret Tully, Ann Ponce)
 Meredith Dytch and Tiffany Gholar

Hidden City by Meredith Dytch
Artist Statement:  When I paint the city, the scenes that I choose to paint are informed by my belief that there is beauty to be found in many places that aren't normally thought of as having aesthetic value. Abandoned buildings, rusting viaducts, overgrown vacant lots and trash-filled alleys present their own authentic face to the world - we just don't usually see them as places worth paying much attention to. Our eye skips over them as we flash by in our cars or trains. Sometimes these places are dirty. We don't want to look too closely.

I come to my art from a background as an architect and as a fan of Japanese design. Having been an architect has left me with certain feelings about the built environment - about the way in which we build it, but it then lives, so to speak, a life of its own, separate from us, but alongside us. At the same time, being a fan of all things Japanese has given me an appreciation of the aesthetic philosophy known as wabi-sabi. Wabi is about the natural, the simple, whatever is closest to nature: a simple clay pot that may even retain the mark of the potter's thumb. Sabi is about the beauty inherent in the old, the decaying, the weathered: a wooden barn door from which most of the paint has peeled.

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