OpenWall: ART*eology

January 18th Opening for OpenWall: ART*eology. Art Installation at Alderman Pawar's office. Local high-school art students have transformed the 47th Ward office into a Right-Brain: Left-Brain experience!
A parent of a local elementary school reached out to local art departments to develop an art education/community collaborative called ART*eology. The main goal of our group is to enrich our community through the making of public art and the bringing together of high school and elementary school students.  The most wonderful thing about this project is that not only will my students gain from this experience, but the entire community will. 
The students learn about compromise and problem solving within a collaborative project. They also learn painting techniques such as mixing and blending.

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ARTeology :  ART*eology's goal is to create installation art made by students for public display.  This is done through volunteer efforts to provide an exciting art experience connecting students with the greater community.

Date:  Wednesday, Jan 18th, 2012
Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: 4243 N Lincoln Ave Chicago Il 60618
Website:  OpenWall
FB:  OpenWall is on FaceBook