Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Featured Artist: Melisa Oro

by Melissa Oro
by Melissa Oro
Melisa Oro is a translator who lives in Chicago. She is originally from Posadas – Misiones, a province located in northeast Argentina along the Iguazu falls. In her free time she paints with different mediums and techniques.
Agustina Diez Sierra on why she selected Melisa:
“While we were roommates I remember always coming home to find Melisa painting after a busy day at work. She has inspired me through the years. I made my first painting because I wanted to see how it feels. I remember Melisa guiding me with the techniques, and me going crazy with the brush and paints!
“Years later Melisa become a full-time translator and I become a full-time artist. Even though we followed different paths in our lives, I will always honor our friendship and how life brought us together in a city like Chicago to learn from each other. I will always be thankful to her for preparing me for the artistic world. Thank you, Meli!”

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