Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Featured Artist: Nicole Hollander (of the Sylvia Comic Strip Fame)

"When I was 40 I created the cartoon character Sylvia. She was going to hack her way through the jungle of aging. She would always be ten years older than I. When I began to age, I found that I was unable to visit those telltale signs of aging on Sylvia. I had bags under my eyes, lines and wrinkles. Syl was a smoker, she should have those ugly little lines around her mouth...but I couldn't do it! She was a firm and unmarked as the day she was created...sometimes she even got slimmer. Meanwhile I was writing essays about aging, which absolutely no one wanted to hear about. Publishers seemed to send the manuscript back before it even got to their desk. Then a miracle happened, the baby boomers began to age: Dolly Parton, Bill Clinton. And whatever happens to the baby boomers happens to all of us. My book, Tales of Graceful Aging...from the Planet Denial was published." Nicole Hollander
Nicole and Sylvia have retired from the newspaper business. Being modern women we have gone online, appearing 5 days a week at our site:

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