Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Featured Artist: Jim Riggs

Reflected Geometry by Jim Riggs 
medium:  Storm Window, spray paint, acrylic paint
Recycling is a word that can be used in a few different connotations. First we think of the act of reusing a material over again as in plastic bottles which we now as if trained by society place in those blue bins behind our houses to go somewhere to be broken down washed and created once again into something we use and purchase from the market. Now on a different spectrum there are some of us who are trying to instead of just utilizing the blue bin in the back and trying to find some sort of beauty or create something new that what you may see as trash I am able to bring into it a whole new life. A new direction. A visual direction of taking “waste” and creating functioning art. Images on old wooden doors, old storm windows, things which once had a purpose to keep the outside out. Now can be used under new context for bringing the outside in. A story has already been there. Now it is time to show that story instead of letting it be wasted or forgotten.

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