Thursday, May 16, 2013

Featured Artist: Beverly Alice Nash

Title:    City Prairie
        30 x 30
        Dye, acrylic paint, and tread on canvas

Title:     Intersections
        33”wide x 31” long
        Dye and acrylic paint on canvas
Title:    Forbs
        27 x 28
        Dye, acrylic paint, and thread on linen fabric
Artist:    Beverly Alice Nash
Bio:    As an artist who has always liked to knit and sew, I apply fiber art techniques to paint and canvas.  Currently I am dyeing canvases and applying to them, variously, acrylic paint and stitching. In the future I will continue to express the tropes of the domestic arts in the context of fine art.

Apart from reflecting crafts, the overriding theme of my work is order. I am fascinated by geometry, especially crossing lines and the way they can suggest the containment or suppression of disorder.

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