Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Featured Artists: @Anne Rogers & @Laura Marie Sanchez

Title:  Collaborative Practicum 
(contains individual pieces Vortex, Rocket Science, Stage Fright, Punctuation, Takeoff, Passage) 
Medium:  Mosaic using marble, limestone and quartz
Size: 23” x 28” containing 3 over 3 individual pieces


by Anne Rogers & Laura Marie Sanchez

We are both in our third year at the Chicago Mosaic School.  In this self-imposed exercise, we sought to incorporate some of the results of our last year of study by using methods and tools both ancient and contemporary; by reflecting emotion and thought; by influencing composition and flow in ways we hope show the tangible and intellectual evolution of our skills.  We opted for a neutral palette, so as not to influence functionality of what we wished to represent.  Our pieces, separately and unintentionally, evolved into one whole interactive piece.  Each element can be moved to any other place within the composition yet still relate to the others. 

As long as we can each remember, we’ve made art in some form – photography, drawing and painting, mixed media, stained glass, all of which are made more or less on flat surfaces – and neither of us has what one would call any formal training in art.  But we each, respectively, had always wanted to make mosaics. We have no idea why this is.  It might be some ancient aspect of the art we were drawn to, or the dimensional way of  ‘painting’ with textures that come from the earth.  It could be we like the way that one cohesive thing made up of bits of small broken things translates to another thing altogether.   We continue to be inspired by many things: (Anne: Edgar Miller, Lichtenstein, music and wind.  Laura:  art nouveau style and the Tiffany Studios, impressionism, architecture and silent movies.)  Maybe it’s an attempt to find similarity within the dissimilar.

We’re not sure – we only know we’re compelled to make mosaic art.

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