Thursday, August 2, 2012

Corinne Peterson returns from Sweden and Norway!

"Last spring, when I heard how friends’ art-inspired travels had furthered their art, thoughts of how and where I might travel on behalf of my art were sparked.  I’ve wanted to return to experience more of both Sweden and Norway, where I could learn more of my roots. I’ve also wanted to visit ancient standing stones again (they are a part of what has inspired my Marker series) and I knew there are some in Sweden.

Just after I first talked out loud about this idea, I met Carl Mankert, who delivered Amaco Underglazes to my studio for a project.  When I discovered he grew up in Sweden, I asked if he knew where there are ancient standing stones there.  “I can see them from my mother’s house”, he answered.  From that moment, I knew this trip was meant to be." 
Corinne Peterson
Corinne traveled to Sweden and Norway, June 10-July 31, 2012.  See Slide Lecture and Workshop, Sweden, a separate page, for details of the ceramic workshop she lead there near Ales Stenar in Kaseberga.  

Corinne is also at the Woman Made Gallery: 
Invitational: Twenty Jurors, Woman Made Gallery, 685 N Milwaukee Ave. 
July 6 through August 16, 2012

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