Thursday, September 26, 2013

Featured Artist: Tatjana Jovancevic

Tatjana Jovancevic 
Artist Tatjana will present her ongoing project in spontaneous land art creationThursday night at 7PM at OpenWall Chicago.


Artist Statement:
This album started as an experiment in spontaneous art creation. After doodling one day on a found piece of tree bark I got the idea to create Random Acts of Doodleness. Instead of taking my drawing with me, I left it to be possibly found by someone. Wherever I happen to be, if I see something that draws my attention I work with it. I started with mostly drawing on found materials, but currently I make a doodle out of material itself. The purpose is to be spontaneous, but also not to get attached to your creation. I always leave the piece behind and take a photograph it.

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