Monday, October 29, 2012

Featured Artist: Sasse Engel

Oil on canvas
24” x 36” Framed
Laura Engel
My Kitten’s Dream
Ink on paper
16” x 20” Framed
Sasse Engel
Committee member Laura Engel chose Sasse:

As the past president of Ravenswood ArtWalk I can honestly say I know hundreds of wonderful and talented artists in the 47th Ward.  I was trying to narrow it down to one artist to be part of the exhibition when my daughter informed me that she was my biggest inspiration and I should choose her.  After sleeping on it, I realized she was right. She provides countless suggestions for paintings and is my favorite visitor at my studio. Her insatiable desire to create on her own is inspirational and at times intimidating. I owe much of my own motivation to her dedication to art.

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