Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Featured Artist of the Week: REED KIRST


·         Untitled, 2011  -- Charcoal on paper -- 30”x37’’– $1,000
·         Untitled, 2011 – Welded Steel -- 12”x17”x24” -- $500

Artist Statement:

I am attempting to create my own language and code through the mediums of both abstract drawing and abstract sculpture. These two pieces play off of and into each other, and although exist separately, I feel that they speak the same sort of 'language' as they relate to abstract expressionism and my own personal artistic ideals.

These photographs aim to evoke a sense of adventure. The abandoned buildings that now sit unused are not necessarily worthless: they produce narratives involving the people I was with, and the memories created. There are countless pictures of abandoned places out there but I feel that these pictures are more like stills from the movie reel of my life. The places I visited were a little spooky at first, but left me feeling a rush of excitement and a new lust for life. Reasons to keep going and not to 'abandon hope’.

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