Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spirited Daughters

Every year, the Spirited Daughters hold an art exhibit showcasing art by Native American women ages 10-30 years old, led by Kitty Alfonso, who started the group in response to decreasing numbers in young women applying for the yearlong ambassador position “Miss Indian Chicago”. She thought that through art, young women could harvest their creativity and get some practice being in the spotlight through the 3-month long exhibit. It is a way to provide young women a place to express themselves through art, poetry, music and photographs. Participants also learn and develop basic skills such as recruiting, marketing, fundraising, and developing their own leadership skills by planning the annual event. Funds raised throughout the year go toward providing materials for them to create their exhibit that goes on display for 3 months at Trickster Gallery, an extension of the American Indian Center of Chicago.

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